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Ayoub Ag. asked on June 22, 2015 17:01

Hi, in Kentico 7 how can i see all the checked out documents and objects?

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Bryan Soltis answered on June 22, 2015 23:10

Hi Ayoub,

In v7, you can use the "Checked-out documents" report in the Reporting module to see the checked out documents.

The underlying query is:

Select DocumentName AS 'Document name', NodeAliasPath AS 'Document alias path', FirstName + ' ' + LastName + ' (' +UserName+')' AS 'Checked out by', DocumentCheckedOutWhen AS 'Checked out on', FirstName + ' ' + LastName + ' (' + UserName +')' AS 'Last modified by', StepDisplayName AS 'Current workflow step' FROM View_CMS_Tree_Joined LEFT JOIN CMS_User ON CMS_User.UserID = View_CMS_Tree_Joined.DocumentCheckedOutByUserID LEFT JOIN CMS_WorkflowStep ON View_CMS_Tree_Joined.DocumentWorkflowStepID = CMS_WorkflowStep.StepID Where (DocumentCheckedOutByUserID IS NOT NULL) AND (NodeSiteID=@CMSContextCurrentSiteID) ORDER BY DocumentCheckedOutWhen DESC

For objects, you have to dig a little deeper. This is because the table that holds the Checked-Out information for them is generic, with only the type of object being specified. You will need to cross reference the appropriate document type to get detailed information on each checked out object.

Something like this query may get you on the right path:

SELECT CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectSettingsID, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectTags, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectCheckedOutByUserID, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectCheckedOutWhen, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectCheckedOutVersionHistoryID, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectWorkflowStepID, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectPublishedVersionHistoryID, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectSettingsObjectID, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectSettingsObjectType, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectComments, CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectWorkflowSendEmails, CMS_Transformation.TransformationName, CMS_Class.ClassName FROM CMS_Class INNER JOIN CMS_Transformation ON CMS_Class.ClassID = CMS_Transformation.TransformationClassID RIGHT OUTER JOIN CMS_ObjectSettings ON CMS_Transformation.TransformationID = CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectSettingsObjectID WHERE (CMS_ObjectSettings.ObjectCheckedOutByUserID > 0)

  • Bryan
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