Change the File Path of the Document Library

Sherry Collins asked on August 22, 2015 18:36

We want to remodel the Document Library to save uploaded files to a new file server we created. Currently a uploaded files are saved in the Content Tree. Does anyone know where I can change to path to the file server?

Thanks for your help.

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Roman Hutnyk answered on August 23, 2015 05:40 (last edited on August 23, 2015 19:44)

I'm not sure, I understand your need, but what about redirection URL?

Page -> Properties -> Navigation -> Redirect to URL

This will allow you to keep the URL of existing files in the CMS Tree unchanged, meanwhile redirect users to a new file server.

This works for existing files.

For all new files you wish to save to the new server, you might need to change/customize document library web part. Personally, I'd better stop using Document Library at all and implement new Page Type that will meet my needs + implement appropriate custom events handler, so Kentico would save physical document wherever you need and save just a link to it in database.

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