Cascade more than 2 DropDown levels, out of the forms application... possible ?

Olivier Cozette asked on August 13, 2015 21:19


I'm trying to implement a 3 level cascading dropdown menu, on a Kentico Form. I'm also using the 'has depending fields' and 'depends on another field' options. My problem: everything works fine up to 2 levels. But here's the problem on a 3 level dropdown:

If I choose my COUNTRY,

then I can choose the STATE,

but at the same time, a CITY has been selected, as CITY option #1 of my selected STATE. (because the fact of having selected has depending fields, updated every dropdown waiting for an update ??)

And then, I can change the STATE again, but even if it is firing back... the CITY remains the same... like if the post only has re-updated the level2 menu, the STATE, with the level1 information, the COUNTRY.

I can code myself a 3 or more level cascading dropdown, but I want to know if someone has done it from scratch using the Kentico Forms, without any code.


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Olivier Cozette answered on August 17, 2015 14:30

Well, I understand this is not possible right out of the box, without coding a bit. It would be nice to have an option to chose a field on the 'depends on another field' checkbox.

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