Cannot apply discount for an order

GTEK IT DEV Team asked on October 3, 2019 05:01

I have the following code snippet:

// Creates a new order object and sets its properties
OrderInfo newOrder = new OrderInfo
    OrderInvoiceNumber = StringUltils.RandomString(15, false),
    OrderTotalPrice = product.SKUPrice - totalDiscount,
    OrderGrandTotal = product.SKUPrice - totalDiscount,
    OrderTotalTax = 0,
    OrderDate = DateTime.Now,
    OrderStatusID = orderStatus.StatusID,
    OrderCustomerID = customerInfo.CustomerID,
    OrderSiteID = SiteContext.CurrentSiteID,
    OrderCurrencyID = currency.CurrencyID,
    OrderGrandTotalInMainCurrency = product.SKUPrice - totalDiscount,
    OrderCulture = currentUser.PreferredCultureCode

// Saves the order to the database

// Creates a new order item object and sets its properties
OrderItemInfo newItem = new OrderItemInfo
    OrderItemSKUName = product.SKUNumber,
    OrderItemOrderID = newOrder.OrderID,
    OrderItemSKUID = product.SKUID,
    OrderItemUnitPrice = product.SKUPrice,
    OrderItemUnitCount = 1,
    OrderItemTotalPrice = product.SKUPrice - totalDiscount

// Saves the order item object to the database

But when this order saved to the Orders application. The total price of the order still is the original price. The total price just change to correct value when i click Update button in Items tab of the order. What am i wrong?

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on October 3, 2019 18:37

You are trying to hard-code the discount in the order. I think you should create DiscountInfo and connect it to your order. System should automatically calculate the discount if it is applicable.

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