Can't set a linkList in Froala configuration

Racheal Smith asked on January 20, 2023 06:01

I cannot get Froala's linkList option to work... is this feature blocked by kentico customisations for it?

The only details on the config differences I can find is a note on the Implementing rich text editor plugins page: "Certain plugins were adjusted for the Xperience environment and are not identical to the corresponding default Froala plugins even though they share the same name, e.g., Image or Link." but no further details on what those adjustments are.

Other config changes are working, and I have defined linkInsertButtons: ['linkBack', '|', 'linkList'] and also a set of links using linkList: [ { text: 'Google', href: '', target: '_blank' }, ... ]

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Arjan van Hugten answered on January 23, 2023 17:38

It should be included in the link plugin, but Kentico did override that plugin. You could write your own plugin for this functionality as explained here:

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Racheal Smith answered on January 23, 2023 21:58

Ah, right. Yeah, writing my own plugin is the solution I've been working on in the meantime.


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