Can not add Page (menu item) at root of the site

Manorama Patil asked on December 10, 2017 14:14

Hi All,

I am working on Kentico 7.

Image Text

I am trying to add a new Page (menu item) at root of the site. But the option is not available. Site has previously added page(menu items)at root level. For some reason I cant nt add pages at root level.

I can add Page (menu item) at first level that is under any previously created Page (menu item. Please check below. Image Text

Please advice how can I add Page (menu item) at root level.

Thank You.

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David te Kloese answered on December 11, 2017 00:27


You'll have to allow which document types (page types called nowadays) can be used. See 'child types' tab of the documentation:

In your case you'll have to allow the root type as a parent of your 'Page (menu item)' type. You can set the root as a allowed parent, or the Page (menu item) as allowed child from both types...

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Manorama Patil answered on December 11, 2017 06:36

Thank You so much David. The problem is fixed.

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