Can multiple "Starting alias path's" be assigned to one Editor?

Woodley Westbrook asked on April 22, 2020 19:49

Hello Kentico DevNet,

We are using Kentico 10 and we have approximately 30 sub-sites under our root. Each site has its own unique Web Editor. When they login they can only access the site they are assigned to through the "Starting alias path".

Can more than one path be assigned to a Editor? Is it possible to assign more than one path separated by comma or semi-colon?

All Editors share a Role that is assigned to all sub-sites so if I assign the root value to a Editor's "Starting alias path" they will have access to all 30 sub-sites and may accidentally do unwanted damage.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.



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Peter Mogilnitski answered on April 22, 2020 22:52

As far as I know starting alias path is assigned to a User not to a Role. You can have only one starting alias path per user. So that being said - NO.

You can create separate role for each sub site and play with permissions. Which is way more complex and even more prone to a human mistake then "assigning starting alias path".

I'd say probably in order to avoid permissions setting complexity - i'd say create a report in reporting applications that list what alias paths your editors have access to. This way it is easy to check if something is out of order.

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