Can I force the setting of the Contact Context when retrieving a page from Kentico?

Dominic Porter asked on February 3, 2016 13:20

I am looking to embed some Kentico pages in a 3rd party website (via iframes) and would like the content personalised based on the profile and activity of the current contact. In some situations the current contact would just be determined by their IP address (as normal in Kentico), but in other situations the 3rd party website needs to be able to specifically set the contact by passing a contact email address or telephone number (possibly as URL parameters ?).

Does anyone know a way of forcing Kentico to set the current contact context before processing and supplying a page, possibly through some custom code?


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Joshua Adams answered on February 5, 2016 22:53

The third party website, does it have online marketing abilities? Does it have a concept of contacts as well? If so, maybe a connector through the integration bus could be a possibility. Maybe some more information could clarify and allow someone to give you some better advice, do you have a specific scenario in mind that you want to accomplish?

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