Calculate volume discount with api

Ali Heristchian asked on December 6, 2014 15:38

How can I calculate total volume discount of special order item with API?
Thank you

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Sandro Jankovic answered on December 8, 2014 10:20


The volume discount API example is available under ~\YourProjectFolder\CMSApiExamples\Code\Ecommerce, #region "API examples - Volume discount" on line 2978:

   private bool CreateVolumeDiscount()
        // Get the data
        var product = SKUInfoProvider.GetSKUs()
                           .WhereStartsWith("SKUName", "MyNew")

        if (product != null)
            // Create new volume discount object
            VolumeDiscountInfo newDiscount = new VolumeDiscountInfo();

            // Set the properties
            newDiscount.VolumeDiscountMinCount = 100;
            newDiscount.VolumeDiscountValue = 20;
            newDiscount.VolumeDiscountSKUID = product.SKUID;
            newDiscount.VolumeDiscountIsFlatValue = false;

            // Create the volume discount

            return true;

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this.

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