Buy x Get y Discounts - discount off total order value?

Mark McKenna asked on July 23, 2015 13:47

I want to use the Buy x Get y discounts to do what seems a simple thing, but is proving otherwise...

We have say, 1000 products. On a specific group of 100 products, we want to offer a discount, based on the customer buying any 10 from that range. That's the 'Buy' condition, and this bit seems fine.

The 'Get' condition is more tricky - rather than offer an extra product at a reduced price, we just want to offer $75 off the total order. However, either I'm missing something or K8.2 doesn't support this out of the box?

Early versions of Kentico allowed SKUs with a minus price - but the UI doesn't seem to support this, so I can't add this to the cart as a workaround.

Some of the products included are less than $75, but the total of the 10 would always be more than the $75 discount value.

Any ideas?


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Virgil Carroll answered on July 24, 2015 05:29

Have you tried creating an Order discount and just setting it to ...if a customer buys 10 items, add a $75 discount? If it's a group of specific product, you can categorize them and then do the same for products just in that category.

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Mark McKenna answered on July 24, 2015 09:24 (last edited on July 24, 2015 09:26)

Hi Virgil,

We went with the order discount method at first - but as we're talking around 70 products, we just get an 'input string was over maximum length (1000)'.

The categories might be a workaround for the above, and makes sense.

On thing I'm struggling with is finding proper documentation on K# and macros in 8.2?

I'm going to sound old now, but found the Developers Guice PDF on Kentico 4 and below much easier to find!


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Virgil Carroll answered on July 24, 2015 15:30


I agree that sometimes the documentation is hard to follow. Try searching on Macro methods and I tend to always add Kentico 8.2 at the end of my query. If you are able to do a programmatic solution you could do one of two things. You could override the Order Discount internal function and add your additional calculations there, which would then run and check the values on any order. You could also build your own custom macro to do a count and return true or false.

Hope that helps.

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