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Sherry Collins asked on July 6, 2015 21:38

I have a Blog that was built a couple of months ago and we have several blogs under the May-2015 folder. We made some changes, so I was testing creating a new blog and I created a Blog Month named July 2015 and created a new blog underneath that. When I click on the new blog then it shows all the blogs instead of just the new one.

I have compared the configuration between the older blogs and the new one and I don't see any difference.

Has anyone ever had this problem before?


Correct Answer

Virgil Carroll answered on July 6, 2015 22:50


Do you have the correct Selected Item transformation set in the repeater control? Sounds like the transformation may be defaulting to the list of posts vs. an individual post item. I would check that first.

Tx, Virgil

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