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Naresh Ede asked on November 5, 2019 16:15

Hi All,

I'm using media selector for selecting image in a custom widget. Below is the code we used to declare a widget propety in widget properties.

 [EditingComponent(MediaFilesSelector.IDENTIFIER, Order = 0)]        
    [EditingComponentProperty(nameof(MediaFilesSelectorProperties.MaxFilesLimit), 1)]
    public IList<MediaFilesSelectorItem> Image { get; set; }

I'm getting a blank dialog when clicked on 'select' in widget configuration. please check the below screenshots. I'm using 12.0.31 kentico version.

Also I'm getting console errors related to 'mediaDialog' (refer the 3rd screenshot).

Help us to resolve this issue.

Image Text

Image Text

Image Text

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David te Kloese answered on November 5, 2019 16:52

Did you recently apply the Service Pack update to this solution? Be sure to clear all administration browser cache if you did. Some of the scripting changed but might be cached by your browser!

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