'Base' license issue : unsubscribe newsletter

Divyanshu Gupta asked on September 5, 2018 09:10

We are using Kentico Base License and its provide the newsletter feature. When user click on the unsubscribe link its throwing an error that is given below but at the same time user also get unsubscribe successfully as well as user also getting UN-subscription email :

Feature 'FullContactManagement' is not available in the 'Base' license edition. Please upgrade your license or disable the feature.

Kindly assist me to resolve this issue.

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Dragoljub Ilic answered on September 5, 2018 09:33

Hi Divyanshu,

Which hotfix you have applied on your kentico 10 instance? There was an issue similar to that fixed in version 10.0.10. Can you apply latest hotfix and check if issue pops up again?

Best regards, Dragoljub

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