'AuthenticationHelper' does not contain a definition for 'AuthenticateUser'

Samantha Reeves asked on June 10, 2023 23:43

We are currently in an upgrade to Kentico 13 from Kentico 12 and running into a smallish problem.

We have an enrollment page that sends its data to a .net core api (using .net 7.0) I have gotten the Kentico Libaries from NUGIT and they are the same as the version we have installed for the upgrade.

When the user compleats the enrollment a full user profile is created and has all the correct values that can beuse from the sign in page, however we are not able to set the user to be authenticated due to this: 'AuthenticationHelper' does not contain a definition for 'AuthenticateUser'

All current documentation shows that Authenticate user should be there. Any ideas? I am sure if it was there I would have no need to write this post.

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Radek Macalik answered on June 12, 2023 11:47


Regrettably, we are not familiar with the details of your custom implementation, however, it may depend on where you use this piece of code. The code you are using should be used when authenticating a user in the admin app. If you want to authenticate the user on the front-end app using Xperience API, check this: https://docs.xperience.io/managing-users/user-registration-and-authentication/configuring-single-sign-on#Configuringsinglesignon-Implementingsinglesign-onviatheXperienceAPI

Best Regards, Kentico Support

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