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Celero Solutions asked on June 24, 2014 21:29

Hi, Is there any way to associate an icon with a document type so that when that page is displayed the icon is displayed as well? This would have to be without having the user having to upload an icon every time they create a page. I tried adding the icon to the "default value" field in the doc type. The form control in the doc type is an image selection control. When I go to the form tab of the page that is using the same doc type I expected to see the icon listed there and it's not. I need a way to associate an icon that is present behind the scenes but can be displayed. I'm unsure of how this could be done.

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Lukas Martinak answered on July 4, 2014 05:52

Hi, I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. What is the scenario behind this question? Where do you want to display these icons?

You can specify the document type icon according to

But if it doesn't fit your needs, I guess you need to create a new text field with a predefined URL as default value and untick the "Display field in the editing form" checkbox. I'd recommend to store these images directly in the file system (for better performance).

Is that what you need?


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