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Illya Mirtsyn asked on June 3, 2015 20:30

I am trying to track downloads of certain file type documents as conversions. I have Activities tracking enabled, added "aspx" to Track file downloads (cms.file) for these extensions: setting, specified conversion name for those files under Analytics --> Settings. I still do not see File Download records in my Activities Log and obviously still have 0 for this conversion count. What did I miss? Thank you

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Brad Vrudney answered on June 4, 2015 13:01

From the documentation:

Tracking file downloads The system can track file downloads as Page visit activities for files stored as CMS.File documents in the content tree of a website. The Track file downloads (cms.file) for these extensions setting in the General section specifies which types of files the tracking includes. Enter the allowed file types as a list of extensions separated by semicolons, for example: pdf;docx;png If left empty, the system tracks all file types.

You may want to try specific extensions such as pdf, or simply try leaving it empty to see that this is the issue.

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