Anonymous visitor shopping cart items need be merge Register user shopping cart items

harshal bundelkhandi asked on March 6, 2020 19:37

Hi Team,

As we are using on kentico 12sp mvc for our Ecommerce site. On site anonymous visitor is added some products to shopping cart then that anonymous visitor become register user. added some more products to shopping cart. As per the kentico ShoppingService feature both users(anonymous & register) shopping cart items user logout & closed browser now user again visited the site it is showing blank shopping cart. Can you please let me know. how can i get the shoppingcart items for the same visitor again. Thanks, Harshal

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Dmitry Bastron answered on March 7, 2020 16:14

Hi Harshal,

Kentico stores shopping card GUID in cookie CMSShoppingCart (refer to Kentico cookies). If user just closed and opened browser (without deleting cookies - it will work automatically). But if they used incognito or cleared the cookies you have no option to restore this information, apart from login.

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harshal bundelkhandi answered on March 9, 2020 07:55

Hi Dmitry,

Here is the use case for shopping cart which I am getting issue.

Suppose user come to website and user logged in and added 2 items in the cart and user logged out and closed the browser. Again user visited the site and added 2 items in the shopping cart as anonymous user then he logged in so as per my understanding shopping cart must contained 4 items(previous 2 with login and 2 as anonymous).

But shopping cart showing only 2 items added as anonymous user.

Can you please help me out on below:

  1. Which shopping cart service can have above scenario. 2.How can I check where the shopping cart is override for the user.
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