Allow unidentified user to fulfill data in Document types

Monjoie Dominique asked on January 15, 2015 15:18


I work with Kentico since a few months. I have created some type of documents (cooking receipts, bio shops ...) and I'd like to allow unidentied web user (anybody) to fulfill directly in the related doc types (receipts competition or shops addresses, products, opening hours ...). So, I just want to have to validate data or no to display on live site.

At present, people fulfill Forms (Tools/Forms), I export the file under Excel and I import in DocTypes using the Imort Toolkit.

Sorry for bad English and thanks for any suggestion.


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Virgil Carroll answered on January 15, 2015 20:49

Take a look at the Content Contributor web parts. These can be tied to a particular page type and set to allow anonymous access users to be able to submit content.

You will set the validation in the page type form itself (you can use alternative forms in these webparts to only show the fields you want) and it will react just like if a user was doing this via the content tree except they are not seeing the backend admin system.

Hope that helps.

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