Allow Editors To Access My Profile To Change Details in Kentico 13

Farrah Chavez asked on December 22, 2020 19:26


I've been setting up users in a Kentico website and we want them to have the least privilege access by only allowing them to access the pages, media libraries and their own profiles.

However, as I was assigning permissions to the Editor role, I tried impersonating one of the editors. Opening the Applications sidebar, they're only able to access the applications under Content Management. The My Profile application (which allows users to change their details) is under Configuration.

I tried assigning the UI Personalization module and Users module in the role but still, the editors can't find the My Profile application.

I've looked into it and found this page (Allowing user profile customization). However, it says that it's only available for Portal Engine and we're using Kentico 13.

Is there a way for Editors to access their own profiles in Kentico 13? Thanks in advance!

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Farrah Chavez answered on December 22, 2020 21:44

Hi again,

I figured out how to allow the users to access the My Profile application. I just had to adjust the settings for the Editor role.

Under UI Personalization > Administration, I need to tick CMS, Administration and Configuration. Just enabling the My Profile won't work. The parent needs to be enabled as well. Also, the children of My Profile also needs to be enabled.

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