Admin media selection on page designed fails in production

Matthew Butler asked on November 3, 2022 16:01

In the page editor when I click on a widget to select an image the images fail

They're requesting the


address, this 500s though with several errors (The site is a Azure App Service, run as package)

Could not find file 'C:\home\site\wwwroot\App_Data\AzureTemp'.

Page builder is not initialized. Use 'IPageDataContextInitializer.Initialize' method first in you code before Page builder scripts registration.

This is response from Microsoft:

With Run From Package, this is strictly enforced as the wwwroot folder becomes read-only. You can still write files to the %TMP% folder if you need temporary storage. But you cannot save files to places like App_Data (but really, you shouldn't be doing that!)

Correct Answer

Matthew Butler answered on November 3, 2022 16:01

I found the settings for CMSAzureCachePath and CMSAzureTempPath and set to D:\local\temp\AzureTemp & AzureCache

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