Adding fields to the form using the Field editor

Danuta Welz asked on September 15, 2020 09:50

I use the form to send e-mails to the company. Among other things, I use the email field (Data type: Text, Form control: Email). Watermark can be added to the Form Control: Text Box and there is no such option in Form control: Email. How can I add a Watermark or a placeholder to the email field?

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Arpit Vyas answered on September 15, 2020 10:51

Yes, watermark is not available inside, I've done these two options here. 1) Add new control where you can set your watermark text configurable. Default hide this control without required and from JS code get the value and put inside appropriate control as a watermark text. 2) Manage add, edit watermark text condition using JS code once document loaded.

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