Adding Checkout Step to Admin "New Order" Functionality

Marla Krause asked on October 7, 2015 16:41

We're working on adding the functionality for allowing an admin user to dynamically add questions to event booking products in the checkout process. We've been able to successfully implement this within the front-end checkout process, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to add it into the back-end process without simply changing source files.

I would like to be able to add in the extra questions within the shopping cart items grid. Which I have determined is being rendered in the \CMSModules\Ecommerce\Controls\ShoppingCart\ShoppingCartContent.ascx usercontrol.

So here's what I know. I know if I go into the Modules application and click on Ecommerce and then click the User Interface tab I can see the Ecommerce/Orders section. And I know that the page that somehow calls the user control is the Items item under the Orders/Order Properties tree node.

I can see that the Items control loads the ~/CMSModules/Ecommerce/Pages/Tools/Orders/Order_Edit_OrderItems.aspx user control which in turn loads the ~/CMSModules/Ecommerce/Controls/ShoppingCart/ShoppingCart.ascx control. Somehow the ShoppingCart control loads the ShoppingCartContent control. What I want to know is HOW?

I want to make sure that when I customize this I'm doing it properly so that we don't have upgrade problems. So I don't simply want to just change the ShoppingCartContent usercontrol.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Virgil Carroll answered on October 7, 2015 18:30

You are correct about needing to modify the files but I would first try duplicating the control and using that instead. Contact Kentico support first and check to make sure you can override ok and any hard coded items in the API you would need to know about. We did a project where we wanted to override the order admin functionality and found out there was a hard coded variable in the API thst made pay off what we were doing not feasible

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Marla Krause answered on October 7, 2015 19:02

I agree, that's why I'm trying to figure out where this ShoppingCartContent control is being called so I can properly copy it and point to the new one we create. I can follow the chain up to the call of that control and that's it. I'm so close!! :)



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Virgil Carroll answered on October 8, 2015 15:09

I would look into the API dlls...including the ShoppingCartProvider and could also look in the Apps Code folder and find the e-commerce folder to see if the code is called there.

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