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Moriz z asked on December 11, 2015 10:10

Hi, Kentico Community, . .

as editor roles, i would like to ask whether we can add new input rich text editor dynamically in "on-site editing",

is there any setting that we can configure to implement it?

example :

Image Text

thanks, . .

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David te Kloese answered on December 11, 2015 16:52


What should these fields do? Are they fields the website visitor should enter in a form and submit?



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Timothy Fenton answered on December 15, 2015 04:04

Hello Moriz, if you are referring to adding a normal rich text field to the page for an editor to add content to the pages via live-site editing, then yes. In fact, if you add a widget zone, make it an editor widget zone and then go to live site, there is an "Add new widget" button and if the editor has access to the "Rich Text" widget they will be able to add as many as they want to the page.

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