Add personas via Azure Active Directory - IP Address, e-mail, etc

Eric Conklin asked on January 14, 2021 18:14

I want to start adding users into personas from our Azure Active Directory account. Our users have accounts in Azure AD that we know are theirs for volunteering purposes - such as completing courses, updating emergency contact information, etc.

Is there a way I can add this information into the personas system? I want to grab the IP address and have that trigger an assignment to a particular persona - does a user have to be logged in to be added to a persona like this? Or is there a way to do a bulk import via the Kentico back end?

It seems like the persona feature is mostly for website activity. That is fine for most of our personas depending on the pages they've visited, but a lot of interaction happens outside of our website so I'm wondering if there is a way to manually add people.

Appreciate any insight on the topic.

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Dmitry Bastron answered on January 18, 2021 19:26

Hi Eric,

You are mixing a few things together. In Kentico, there are a few object types:

  • User, your frontend website users will be here.
  • Contact, the closest would be "a site visitor". Contact can be linked to one (or many) users, this linking is happening during the login process. If you try to log in with multiple user accounts within the same browser tab your contact will be linked to those multiple users.
  • Persona. Only contacts can be assigned to personas, not users. The contact can only be assigned to one persona and only via persona scoring rules.

So, back to your question, the "user" cannot be assigned to the "persona", because there is no direct relation between them. It's Persona <1-to-1> Contact <1-to-many> User relation.

If you can explain in more details your case, what exactly (in business terms, not only technical) you need to achieve it will be easier to help you. Something like:

  • I want all site visitors who log in with Azure Active Directory account to be recognized as "Azure AD Persona"
  • Visitors logging in via other login providers should not be assigned to "Azure AD Persona"
  • I want to personalize content for "Azure AD Persona", say, change the Hero banner

Is this your case or do you need to implement something different?

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