Add biz form in a transformation

Kentico User asked on February 5, 2016 22:52


I added a biz form in my transformation and I get this error message "Required form 'WhitePaperForm' does not " Any ideas?

<div class="selectedWhitePaper">
  <cms:BizForm runat="server" ID="BizForm" FormName="WhitePaperForm" EnableViewState="false" AlternativeFormFullName="BizForm.WhitePaper.WhitePaperForm"/>

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Joshua Adams answered on February 5, 2016 22:59

Have you tried to generate the code for the form? Sometimes if I end up with an error like that, and my names are correct, Ill go to the code tab and generate the app code file. Just a thought, before I do that, I would make sure that you are using the forms codename and everything is spelled correctly.

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Joel Dahlin answered on June 2, 2016 00:04

Is it possible to make the FormName dynamic based on a Page Type field?

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