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Ashish Kashyap asked on June 24, 2020 20:36

Hi All,

We are working on eCommerce project. In inventory, we can add the "Available items" for the product but we need to add an option to add the quantity in different batches. Also, once user orders, while shipping we want an option to set the batch id for each product and units.

For example: Product "Hario V60" coffee is manufactured in different batches. 300units coffee manufactured in BatchID 25. 1000units coffee manufactured in BatchID 26.

Now, if a customer orders 500units we will ship 300units from batch 25 and remaining 200units from batch 26.

So, how can we set these values in orders while shipping?(this batch functionality is only for internal purpose)

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David te Kloese answered on June 25, 2020 09:48

How is this data entered? Is this a manual process or some automated task?

You say internal use only, how is the data used?

I would suggest creating a separate field that displays a 1-n relation data you enter in either a custom table or custom class. This way you can also enrich it later with data like 'expected delivery date', 'status', etc...

You could create an automated task that would update the actual stock when ever a new batch is entered, the values will be combined so you don't get out of sync data.

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