AD Import - Warning: Skipping object which no longer exists in active directory

Jean-François Hua asked on June 10, 2015 17:11

Hello, I use the ADImport Tool to import the users from an AD to my site. Everything goes well except for one user which is not imported. When I configure the tool to import only this user, I've got 3 lines in the log saying: "Warning: Skipping object which no longer exists in active directory". The user is in the AD so I don't understand why I get this warning and this result. What can I do?

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Timothy Fenton answered on June 22, 2015 19:36

Hello Jean-François

This is more than likely related to your import profile settings, have you tried removing all the user GUID's from the import profile so that it grabs them again to see if you still get the error? It is possible that it is not actually checking AD for the user and just using the import profile to find the GUID. Also when you create a new profile and select only the user you want to import does it generate an import profile with only that users guid? What is the value of their GUID?

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