ActivityLogger LogLogin method not adding event to log or updating DB

Joe Thieret asked on February 19, 2020 23:50

I'm running the code below, email doubles as username in this system and is being successfully passed. Has anyone used this successfully? I'm thinking maybe the email format isn't accepted for this particular method

 IMembershipActivityLogger membershipActivityLogger = Service.Resolve<IMembershipActivityLogger>();

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Mikhail Dervel answered on February 20, 2020 05:31 (last edited on February 20, 2020 05:31)

Hi Joe. Method LogLogin uses input parameter as a username for searching direct in CMS_User, so that I think you do it correct. Just be sure that user really has the same name and email. You can look at it in table CMS_User or in the admin page Users. Then please check your settings for On-line marketing. First of all, "Enable on-line marketing" should be checked (Screen). And then the particular option "On-line marketing->Contact management->Activities->User login" should be checked (Screen)

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