Bhumi Patel asked on April 23, 2015 23:09

I have an accordion webpart setup with 8 panes, each with a editable text webpart in it, so I can edit the text in the page tab instead of the design tab. When I switch over to the page tab ,editable text webpart is working for content pane of the accordion. I added headers in the pane headers section. This accordion is on the page templates. so when i created new page using this templates, it bring accordion with paneheaders. If i change then , it changes in all pages from same templates. Can you please advise ,how can I have editable pane headers? Thanks

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Charles Matvchuk answered on April 24, 2015 03:28

This is by design. You can use Macro's to dynamically name the headers {% Macro %}, I recommend reading up on them in the documentation. If that that doesn't suit your needs you will need to have a different template for each page that requires different headers that are going to be hard coded with text, etc. You could create a template and then just make ad-hoc templates off of it.

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