Accessing page Content fields from the API

Support CreateStudios asked on August 8, 2022 05:46

Hi, I'm retrieving a list of pages with the Page retriever and need to access a custom field on the page type of the pages. When I try to accessing it using

myTreeNode.GetBoolValue("ExcludeFromSiteMap", false);

It never returns the value. I know this was straight forward in <12 but are there additional steps I need to take to load the page data up so it can be accessed from a TreeNode? I have included the DocumentForeignKey in the list of columns the page retriever returns but that didn't help.

Any suggestions would be great!

Many thanks

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Dmitry Bastron answered on August 8, 2022 10:57


Could you please the full code on how you retrieve the pages?

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Support CreateStudios answered on August 9, 2022 01:14

Hi, Thank you for your interest in the question. I ended up switching from using the page retriever to using the TreeProvider to return a list that include the Pagetype values. Many thanks!

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