Access details of contact registering conversion

Tom Troughton asked on March 27, 2015 13:29

We're looking at using conversions to trigger integration with a CRM (not Salesforce). I can use the following code to add a custom handler after logging a conversion where I can find the site and conversion names:

public override void Init()
    WebAnalyticsEvents.LogConversion.After += LogConversion_After;

void LogConversion_After(object sender, CMSEventArgs<LogRecord> e)
    var siteName = e.Parameter.SiteName;
    var conversionName = e.Parameter.ObjectName;
    // TODO: Get contact details and push to CRM

What I'd like to know is, is it possible from here to get details of the contact who has triggered the conversion? If the contact is not anonymous I need to push their details into into a CRM.

Also, if this is possible and the conversion is triggered by a form mapped to a contact, will the contact already contain updates from the form?

Or, alternatively, am I going about this entirely the wrong way?!

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