Access Denied for custom role when trying to select displayed fields in form

Cesar Pinilla asked on September 17, 2014 20:55

As user with a custom role, whenever I try to select the displayed fields on the recorded data tab in a form I get an Access denied to resource 'CMS' error. (Permission for UI element 'CMSDesk.Content' is required. I cannot find where this setting would be set.

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As far as I can tell I have all the permissions set properly and this option is even working when trying to do the same thing in a custom table but not for forms.

Here are my Permissions for that role: - Module > Content: Browse tree, Read, Modify - Module > Content Personalization: Read, Manage - Module > Forms: everything is checked

Under UI Personalization > Administration is as follows in the image. Note that everything under Forms is checked.

Image Text

This particular role can only access/manage the forms and custom tables which is why there are no permissions to the content tree.

Thanks for any help!

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Customer Service Datacon answered on October 21, 2014 17:16

Can someone give a anwer? I have the same problem.

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Sandro Jankovic answered on December 2, 2014 16:04


I was able to reproduce this and it seems that no combination of permissions is allowing me to access the fields. I will try a few more possibilities and discuss it with the developers but in the meantime you can remove the permissions check under ~\CMS\CMSModules\Bizforms\Tools\BizForm_Edit_Data_SelectFields.aspx.cs

By commenting out lines 55-58: if (!user.IsAuthorizedPerUIElement("CMS", "CMSDesk.Content")) { RedirectToUIElementAccessDenied("CMS", "CMSDesk.Content"); }

I will provide an update once I have more information.

Best Regards,


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Anthony Marquez answered on March 30, 2017 20:00

This issue was fixed in Hotfix 8.2.14.

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