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Michael Legacy asked on June 12, 2019 19:27

Working with Kentico MVC and the Page Builder has overall been a great experience. The page builder has helped us make tons of great flexible widgets. The only issues we have ran into is the need to make new sections for every small design change needed.

For example, if we want a full width section with a grey background, this requires an entirely new section to be made, with a class on the container DIV. This is not a great method of development and very inflexible in terms of layout.

If we could set section properties via C# classes, similar to widget properties, we could do some really nice things. Just a few things that could enable developers to do with sections is:

  • Setting a number of columns
  • Settings a css class on the section html for styling
  • Adding padding and margin values
  • Selecting a layout style from a dropdown list

There are many more things, these are just a few examples of things that would have made my -- and other dev's -- life a lot easier.

Is there anything on the roadmap for something like this?

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David te Kloese answered on June 17, 2019 17:12

No.... But it will be in de Service pack that is going to be released next week!

sneak peak, you could do something like:

@using DancingGoat.Models.Sections

@model Kentico.PageBuilder.Web.Mvc.ComponentViewModel<ThemeSectionProperties>

<div class="row @Model.Properties.Theme">
    <div class="col-md-12">
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Michael Legacy answered on June 17, 2019 17:43 (last edited on June 17, 2019 17:56)


I found the Roadmap and I'm interested to see what this "Landing Page" update is going to be. Also, I had to manually implement a VUE JS application as an inline editor for Media Selection, so I am VERY excited about the built-in Page and Media selectors coming in this Service Pack.

Do you know off-hand if those Page/Media selectors will be implemented as inline editors or will they be Editing Components implemented on widget properties?

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