AB test on page doesn't seem to work

Eveline Dekkers asked on May 7, 2024 13:19

We set up an A/B test last week on a page builder page with 2 variants:

  1. Variant with a form where phone number is mandatory.
  2. Variant with a form where phone number is not mandatory.

For this, we created 2 separate forms and added them to respectively the A and B version. Our test goal is: what form gets filled in more often, the one with or without a mandatory phone number.

We just checked how the test was going and don’t see any results. But what we do see in Forms is that both forms have been submitted since the test started.

We used the ‘form submission’ conversion for this test and added both forms as a conversion. A/B testing is enabled in the Settings, we don't see any errors in the event log when opening the page and we don't have any customization for a/b testing.

Anyone an idea of what's going on and if the way we set up this A/B test is correct? And if not: what we should do to make it work? We are on Kentico v13.0.130.

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Eveline Dekkers answered on May 8, 2024 15:28

We think we've figured out the problem. In settings - online marketing - web analytics, the 'enable web analytics' should be activated.

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