403 when submitting a form (i.e. widget properties page) on Azure

Noam Rinat asked on October 13, 2021 16:33

When we try to post a widget properties page or a section properties page we get a 403 javascript error related to the "validate" method for form validation: /Kentico.PageBuilder/Forms/Teradata.Widgets.EditorsPick/KenticoWidgetPropertiesForm/Validate

Everything works fine locally on Windows. We get the issue only when hosting on Azure (Linux web app for MVC).

Spec: * .NET core 5 * Xperience 13.0.44

We tried the following: * We verified that the admin site and MVC both run the same hotfix * CMSHashStringSalt is the same in both projects * We re-signed macro signatures * We tried setting CMSAdminCookiesSameSiteNone to true and CMSEnableClickjackingProtection to false * There are no erros in the event log * We did not see new hotfixes related to this issue

Does anyone have an idea what to look for next?

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Dmitry Bastron answered on October 14, 2021 07:53

Hi Noam,

If you have 403 HTTP error, open the Network tab in your browser's dev tools and check out this request there. Typically, if that's browser not executing this request for whatever reason (cookies, cors, etc) it should give you a hint on how to resolve this. Also, maybe try another browser to investigate it further.

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