301 redirect on entire directory?

Dan S asked on January 17, 2018 21:01

Hi, i'm a bit of a Kentico n00b so apologies if this is a silly question.

What is the simplest way for one of my editors to redirect an entire directory and all child items beneath it? Eg:

Redirect everything within mysite.com/old/content to mysite.com/new/content

When I delete a directory I am prompted to redirect everything inside it. This is the behavior I want, but is there any way I can do this without deleting the directory?

If not, what is the simplest way to redirect a large number of pages (approx 200)?


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Peter Mogilnitski answered on January 17, 2018 21:31 (last edited on January 17, 2018 21:32)

Well you probably want

  • oldpage1 redirect to newpage1
  • oldpage2 redirect to newpage2
  • etc.

Not sure if you delete a folder it would do some scientific redirection above. Depending on ho many pages you have you probably need delete them one by one supplying where a deleted page must be redirected to. if there are too many pages there are different solutions like IIS rewriting rules, there you can regular expressions or you can use API and create aliases for new pages (i.e. this is what happens during delete process if you are redirecting to a new page)

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