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merav tg asked on April 12, 2016 14:58


We would like to use the 'suggested products' webpart to display related items. We managed to use the example from 'ecommerce site' to display related items, as defined in 'related products' screen (products-> advanced-> related products).

But, what we would like to do is to display the first 3 products from the product's category tree (without the current product).

In the photo below you will see the category name and the top items, we would like to show this 3 top items if we are in a different product page with in this category.

For example:

If we have a product tree (See below) and we are in product page : ProductN

We will see in the "suggested products": Product1,Product2,Product3

And if we are in Product page: Product3

We will see in the "suggested products": Product1,Product2,Product4







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Bryan Soltis answered on April 12, 2016 16:40 (last edited on April 12, 2016 16:40)

Hi Merav,

You could easily add a repeater to your page to show these products. Just set the following properties of the repeater:

WhereCondition = NodeID <> {%NodeID%}

Select Top N = 3

Order By = NodeOrder,NodeLevel,NodeName

Path= "../%"

That will pull the top 3 pages in the same folder as the current page, ordered by how they are in the content tree. It will also filter out the currently selected page from the list.

  • Bryan
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Chetan Sharma answered on April 15, 2016 15:18

Dear Merav,

Bryan's answer is spot on. I would like to introduce you to one more great web part that I really like from Kentico. We have used it often, may be our functionality demanded.

The webpart is "Random products" webpart. Let's say you have 6 products in your particular category and you would like to show breadth of your products. In those cases it would be nice to use it and it will show random products from that. On every page refresh it will show 3 out 5 remaining products. It's a really cool web part.

All settings suggested by Bryan can be applied here

WhereCondition = NodeID <> {%NodeID%}

**Only random N products = 3**

Order By = NodeOrder,NodeLevel,NodeName

Path= "../%"

Page Type ?

Added a SS for your reference.

Random Webpart Screen Shot

Cheers, Chetan

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