Beautify Sitemap

by Inorbital
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Works with:


This web part extends the visual options to the existing Kentico sitemap web part. You now have an open and close folder option like a content tree with customizable icons. This package comes with Chevron, Plus symbol and Folder icon options.


BeautifySiteMap web part works with Kentico 11.

Installation instructions:

  1. Import the web-part and make sure to include everything, including the files during importing. Then simply use the web-part like any other web-part in your system.
  2. For Icons - bootstrap glyphicon icons are used for (plus-sign, folder and chevron). You can use font awesome or any other icons, simply update (BeautifySiteMap.ascx) File which has javascript function called Treed(). Simply pass in class names for icon that you want to use.
  3. Bootstrap CDN is commented out at the top of the File (BeautifySiteMap.ascx). You can uncomment it if glyphicon icon is not available in your site.
  4. CSS rules are in web-parts css Tab. Uncomment the last two rules to see bubble like border around page names with different colour for site-map leaves/end-points and site-map leaves-wrapper.