File Manager

by Eric Dugre
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This custom module allows editors to upload single or multiple pages into the content tree at once as CMS.File pages or other custom page types.


To install this module, import the .ZIP archive from the Sites application: Please ensure that "Import code files" is checked in step 2 of the process.

This module requires that the imported files exist within your site's project files, in the /App_Themes folder. You can then select a single file, or select a folder to import all files within that folder.

You can choose to import the files as CMS.File page types, or any other page type which has a field with the File data type. Then, select a parent node to add the new pages as children. You can choose to create the pages in a single culture, or all cultures assigned to the current site.

You can also manage CMS.File and custom file page types from the Manage Files tab. This allows you to view all of these files in a simple listing, with options for editing or deleting the pages. All attachments of File data type fields will also be displayed as clickable links, and you can filter the listing based on the names of these attachments.