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Compare for Kentico takes the fear out of deployments by allowing you to visually compare differences between multiple Kentico environments. Utilize Compare to see what is different, be confident in exactly what you need to deploy, and synchronize the differences with the click of a button.


Compare for Kentico was born out of the frustration of going through multiple Kentico deployments that ended in error messages, ugly looking fonts, and worst of all, website downtimes. The main source of these issues always seemed to stem from a set of changes that needed to be promoted from development all the way to production, and too many “little things” were being missed. We finally decided to solve this problem.

Compare for Kentico allows you to visually identify differences across multiple environments. It allows you to compare Kentico objects (page templates, page types, content pages, email templates…), website files (C# classes, ASPX files, MVC views, images, attachments), and database objects (SQL views, stored procedures, user defined functions).

Not only will Compare allow you see differences, it also supports the ability to deploy changes from one environment to the next via a Deployment wizard. The wizard steps you through the process of synchronizing changes to the target environment. Using Compare for Kentico will help you to no longer be afraid of that next production deployment.

Compare for Kentico is part of the BizStream Toolkit for Kentico, a set of custom modules developed to make working with Kentico easier.

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