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Motionlab plugin is an easilly integrable player which allows to playback personlized videos from Motionlab platform in your website.


Motionlab is an innovative video platform producing personalized experience to every customer. Personalized videos could be used in various processes related to sales or customer services in many industries such as retail, e-commerce, utilities, telco or media. Motionlab platform includes deep insights and analytics where you can easily track and monitor campaign effectiveness. Platform backend leverage scalable cloud-based technologies to be able provide deep personalization including both modifiable voiceover as well as photos, location, animations, subtitles, or customized scenarios for every single customer. Motionlab also helps with business data analysis, produce professional video content, integrate to other platforms such as e-mailing tools and CRMs to boost overall results. Motionlab Player is fully responsible video-player which automatically takes over ID of specific user from url and using this parameter as a distinction of video for specific user. Motionlab Player also offering customizable call-to-action buttons and collects telemetry data as an input for Motionlab Analytics and Insights.