Icon Class Selector

by Dražen Janjiček (EXLRT)
Icon Class Selector preview




Works with:
9.0, 10.0


Icon Class Selector is an extension which allows developers to pick icons (icon classes) more easily through an integrated user interface.


Icon Class Selector extends the out-of-the-box form controls without changing them in any way. Developers can use it for Page types, Page templates and wherever Kentico let's you pick an icon for object visualization. Currently it supports the Bootstrap icons that come with each Kentico installation.


This extension does not support website projects. Only Kentico installations of type web application are supported. ASP.NET Website projects by nature don't support the concept of partial classes which we use for adding the desired functionality.

Some impressions

Install instructions

  1. Upload the import package
  2. In the objects tree, make sure all available objects are selected
  3. In the Import settings, make sure that the following options are selected:
    • Import files
    • Import code files
    • Import global folders
  4. Make sure that Import tasks is not selected
  5. Click Finish to complete the import

Post-install instructions

  1. Open the solution file (WebApp.sln) in Visual Studio from the web project directory
  2. Click Show all files at the top of the Solution Explorer
  3. Locate and expand the CMSModules folder
  4. Right-click the excluded EXLRT folder and select Include in Project to include the folder and everything beneath it
  5. Compile the project (or solution)
  6. Browse to the Kentico admin interface can verify the desired functionality is available

You can read more about this extension in the following blog post: http://drazenjanjicek.com/2017/06/21/kentico-icon-class-selector