Advanced Category Selector + Join Table Support

by Trevor Fayas (HBS)
Advanced Category Selector + Join Table Support preview




Works with:
8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0

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Utilize Kentico's Category system to it's fullest. This tool provides two user friendly interfaces (Searchable List or Structured Tree) for users to select their categories, and the capability to save that relationship however you want. It allows you to select a Root Category, and also apply Where and order by Filters to fully control what Categories are displayed.


The Advanced Category Selector offers the following flexibility/configuration:

  • Two Views, a Searchable List, and a Tree structure
  • 4 Ways to Save:  
    • Assign Categories to the Document
    • Save the Values to the Field
    • Both Save Values and Assign Categories to the Document
    • Save the Object Key and Category Key to a Joining Table
      • Both Custom Tables and Custom Modules supported
  • Reference Categories 3 ways:
    • By ID
    • By CodeName
    • By GUID
  • Control what Categories Show through 2 ways:
    • Root Category
    • Where Condition

The ultimate Category Selector tool, free for you to use!

Note: The Download file is not what you import into Kentico, but contains the Guide and the .Zip file that you import. Be sure to include both Code Files and Global Folders in your import.