Rotating Banners

by The Jimmo
Rotating Banners preview





Setup several banners of your chosing to rotate through in a cycle fashion, displaying one at a time.


This web part is integrated within Kentico CMS to give you, and your content editors, easy control. It also is fully open and customizable from a developer standpoint.

Features include

  • Completely Customizable
    • CSS Style Sheets controll all style elements of the rotator from within Kentico
    • Supports any size images
    • Change timing and speed the rotations with webpart settings
    • Included source code to enhance and develop
  • Supports as many banners as desired
  • SEO conscious, title tags derived from Document Names
  • Append links to each image and supports Kentico's native lightbox
  • Keep all files, easily manageable within Kentico's CMS Desk's Document Tree


Stella commented on

Sorry. I need the responsive function on it too.

Stella commented on

Can this web part works in IE8?

Stella commented on

Could we try before buy?

Yuvaraj commented on

How do I rotate the Title tag text in kentico.

Example: I have the title: "Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai " - Whereas I need to put the alternate text for the word "Rentals" as "hire" or "Rent" - so when a visitors searches in Google - Cheap Car Hire in Dubai - it should display. I use to use it in PHP - rotating scripts - how do I do it in Kentico - email me to raj (at) Travelauto (Dot) Com.

jimmo-thejimmo commented on

Hello FroggEye, you are 100% correct there are tons of scripts out there that provide the same look on the front-end of a website but you have to edit the code manually and like you said not very flexible, user-friendly, or easy to edit. We are the only one integrated with Kentico (that I am aware of). What you're paying for here is the integration into Kentico (and the source code for such...), no code has to be touched at all by a content editor on the back-end for management of the banners, everything is handle by typical Kentico modules like the image uploader, URL selector, etc... in a Document Type.

If you so desire, you could possibly edit out our js slider and put in another with some coding but again this gives you the ability to do so and provides you a management structure on the backend within Kentico.

The demo running on our website is unfortunately for visual purposes of the slider itself and purposely run outside of Kentico to give sight of the workings of the javascript script itself.

Hope this renews your interest in our webpart and if you have any more questions please feel free to drop me an email at: (where AT = @)

Thanks for your comment!

FroggEye commented on

Nice web part but why $50 when there are so many jQuery sliders that will work just the same way as this for free? Looking at the javascript source code, the images and image links are all hard coded. Does the content editor have to modify HTML or js files?