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by Elijah Taylor (Aceoft Studios)
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This web part allows you to customize the page title based on dynamic data. Useful for sections such as press releases or other areas where more than just the name of the Document should be in the page title.


Simply drop this web part on a template and it behaves by default by passing the document name as the page title. Make it come alive by using a custom format string and some data macros in the Values field. Separate values with a semicolon. Example: FormatString: {0} {1} Values: Submit new item;3/29/2009 11:00:39 PM You can also set the "Show for Document Types" and "Hide on Subpages" properties and the web part will respond accordingly. This allows advanced scenarios where you have a master template for a whole section and need multiple types of page title generation on one template.

This product was developed by a third party and Kentico cannot support it or be liable for any defects or incompatibilities with Kentico CMS.


john-tennisnow commented on

This works beautifully for my blogs and news articles. It really cuts out a lot of wasted time while boosting the SEO value of my pages.

Can this work for the Forums section, as well? I want the page title to be generated by the Forum name > thread title > etc.

I would be able to figure this out on my own but I don't know what value to call as Forums are not a document type that I can reference the field from.

Elijah commented on

Interesting idea! I will certainly include that feature in a future update.


ralph commented on

Small little utility that makes exactly what it should do: Make your live easier by creating distinct page titles for blogs, portfolio pages etc, so you don<t have to worry about them anymore.

I was really missing this in Kentico.

Tip for improvement: Check if a custom page title is supplied and use this instead. Sometime you want to have a special page title that does not fit the standard pattern (That would have been the fifth star....)