RSS Reader

by Stepan Kozak (Kentico)
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Works with:


Allows you to aggregate content from multiple RSS feeds and display them on your Web site.


All you need to do is specify the URL addresses of the RSS feeds in the Feed URLs property and the Web part reads the feeds and displays them as a single list of news.

Click here to learn how to import this web part to your Kentico CMS web site

Once installed, this Web part is available in the Listings and Viewers category. You can find documentation in the Web Part Properties dialog by clicking the Documentation link in the upper right corner.


r42 commented on

Try this RSS Reader:

Includes source code and caching...

stephen.turley-terradon commented on

Is there anyway to get the source for this. When I do an import to version 6, it does not copy the source files.

Gregg commented on

I'm having some issues formatting the "pubdate". I would like to do something similar to this:

<%# GetDateTime("pubdate", "MMMM dd, yyyy") %>

Is it possible to format the date?

epogburn-nola commented on


I got this to work in version 6 by doing the following:

add without quotes "using CMS.Compatibility;" to line 24 of CMSWebParts\Viewers\RSSReader.ascx.cs

and change line 223 from "CMSContext.BaseCacheKey" to "CacheHelper.BaseCacheKey"

nvpat commented on

In version 6, I get the following error:
[Error loading the WebPart 'RSSReader']
c:\Websites\CMS6\CMSWebParts\Viewers\RSSReader.ascx.cs(222): error CS0117: 'CMS.CMSHelper.CMSContext' does not contain a definition for 'BaseCacheKey'

ralph commented on


Try this web part:

kommand commented on

Great Work but.. is there the possibility to:
1. have more instances per page on dynamic mode
2. transform the webpart to a widget

Mike commented on

Hi, I intalled this rss reader and I´m trying to use this feed URL "" but it doesn´t work, I tried with a yahoo rss and neither works. Can someone help me. I have kentico 5.5 Thanks...

martinagency commented on

Is this compatiable with 5.5r2? commented on


I'm a newbie to Kentico. I am interested in this control but when I look to do the import, it says its for an older version. I am on the new 5.5, can you advise if I am ok to import this package or do I need an updated version?
thanks in advance

oliveracev commented on

How to change "pubdate" to my languages commented on

How I can to setup to open link in new window

ralph commented on


Happened to me: You need to un-zip the file. In it you will find some documentation and the actual web part that can be imported....


rdiepenbrock commented on

I receive this error in version 4.1 when I attempt to import the webpart:
Error during temporary files creation. Original exception: [ImportProvider.CreateTemporaryFiles]: Data not found or the package is not a valid export package. (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\gnweb\App_Data\CMSTemp\ImportExport\Data)

ralph commented on

I have it installed on this site:

It is running 4.1 and it works. A bit slow, but it might be that it is the blog that is so slow....

rdiepenbrock commented on

Will there be a release that works with version 4.1?

ralph commented on

BTW, real live example can be viewed here:

ralph commented on

Excellent web part. Does not delay or break the display of a page due to a slow connection to a blog, but can be configured, so that a loading bar is shown until the data is available.

Can be easily styled with css.

But true, would be nice if more than one feed could be shown on the same page

jasonj-sabercontrols commented on

This control is very nice, however, you can only use one instance per page.

eyesea69-gmail commented on

Oops, I didn't realize that the zip was inside of the zip. Got it imported and installed, now to get it configured. Has anyone tried this to pull in a Google calendar?

eyesea69-gmail commented on

I tried to import this webpart into a website on a local install running on Visual Studio and I got the following error:
Error during temporary files creation. Original exception: [ImportProvider.CreateTemporaryFiles]: Data not found or the package is not a valid export package. (E:\les\websites\cityofsmithville\Demo Fix retread\App_Data\CMSTemp\ImportExport\Data)
I tried redownloading it and repeating the import process with fresh files but got the same results every time. I really could use this, but can't get it working.

masonc-fayobserver commented on

Great web part and just what I needed.

charless-thinkbigshot commented on

can you add in keyword matching?