IBL's FileUploadPro

by IBL-Software BV
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Easy upload multiple files to the CMSDesk. JPG's can be automatically resized before upload. Watch thumbnails of .jpg and .png files. Progress bar and remaining time display is included.


IBL's FileUploadPro contains the following functionalities: • Select multiple files from you local PC and upload them with one click of the button • View thumbnails of your jpg and png files • Resize jpg image before upload • See progress bar while uploading • See remaining time while uploading System requirement: Microsoft Silverlight 2 browser plugin. http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/resources/install.aspx#sysreq

This product was developed by a third party and Kentico cannot support it or be liable for any defects or incompatibilities with Kentico CMS.


ericw-kentico commented on

This looks pretty slick.