Kentico Go for iPhone & iPad

by Mike Irving
Kentico Go for iPhone & iPad preview





Kentico Go is a iPhone & iPad application that allows site administrators to access and monitor their Kentico CMS websites using their mobile device.


Using 'Kentico Go', you can now log in to your Kentico website from your iPhone or iPad, to perform essential maintenance tasks.

Functions of Kentico Go:

  •     Free Memory on the server
  •     Restart the server
  •     Empty Cache items currently stored on the server
  •     Start or Stop individual websites
  •     View the Kentico Event Log
App Store Link to the application:
Kentico Go on the iTunes App Store

You must install the Kentico Go iOS Manager script into your Kentico, to allow the app to connect to your website(s).

Kentico Go iOS Manager script:
Download (zip)

Youtube video:
Kentico Go CMS Management App for the iPhone

More info at:
Mike Irving: Kentico Go for iPhone & iPad


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