Kentico CMS Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

by Kentico
Kentico CMS Connector for Microsoft SharePoint preview




Works with:
4.0, 4.1


Publish content stored in SharePoint to Kentico CMS-powered web site. This Connector allows you to manage Web site content, such as news, press releases or product catalogs in your SharePoint repository and publish them on the Kentico CMS web site.


The main advantages of the Connector include:
- You can manage content in one place, using a single user interface.
- Kentico CMS adds many Web Content Management, E-commerce and Social Networking features to your public-facing web sites that are not available in SharePoint.

This add-on is completely free and it can be used with Free Edition of Kentico CMS.

Technical Information

After importing the package, you can use the SharePoint Data Viewer or SharePoint Data Source web parts and configure them to display lists, files, document and picture libraries.

These web parts use pre-generated proxy classes of selected SharePoint web services to get data from the server.

The Connector works with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0.

Kentico CMS Connector for Microsoft SharePoint is included in the installation of Kentico CMS since version 5.5. You can use the following package for Kentico CMS version 4.x.


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