Show Node List

by Christopher Taleck
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Show Node List displays a list of links from the content tree.


This inline control will show a list of links from the content tree. Same as the navigation webpart, but allows editors (i.e. no "design" tab available) to insert into HTML content areas. A parameter is used for the start path.

This product was developed by a third party and Kentico cannot support it or be liable for any defects or incompatibilities with Kentico CMS.


DanielaK commented on

Hi Vlado, this inline control is very old. It was developed for Kentico CMS 4.0 (as declared in the description) and it probably really works only with Kentico CMS 4.0. Moreover, it is not an import package. To use it, it is necesssary to unzip the package, copy the files into CMSInlineControls folder, and register the inline control in Site manager -> Development -> Inline controls.

Aon_Vlado commented on

I tried to import it into version 6 and it returns an error:

Error during temporary files creation. Original exception: [ImportProvider.CreateTemporaryFiles]: Data not found or the package is not a valid export package.